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Historical Note

The name Kilmonivaig comes from kil (cille) meaning church or cell, mo meaning saint or holy and Nivaig (Naomhag), the sixth-century abbot of Lismore who established a church near Gairlochy.  A more permanent and later building on that site was liable to be flooded and collapsed in the 1770s.  The present church was built around 1812 and the chancel area was added in the 1920s.  The stained glass window is the official war memorial for the parish of Kilmonivaig.

The Kilmonivaig Stone

Above: The Kilmonivaig Stone.  This medieval stone grave slab (ca. 1300 - 1500) is a fine example of the Iona school of carving, and was brought up from the site of the old church, by the river at Kilmonivaig.  It depicts cross-weave, a Highland galley, two lions and vine scrolls.

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